Number of people with the title of Research Lab Specialist Lead:45
Maximum Salary$ 85,000.00
Average Salary$ 62,606.77
Minimum Salary$ 46,477.72

Title Results for Research Lab Specialist Lead 2010-11
NameTitleDeprtment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Handa, HiteshResearch Lab Specialist LeadGSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)$85,000.00$0.00
Doop, Douglas DaleResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Endocrinology$83,152.73$0.00
Washburn, Joseph GeorgeResearch Lab Specialist LeadUrology Surgery$82,916.49$0.00
Strickland, Faith MResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Rheumatology$82,444.05$0.00
Kampf, Jeff WResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$78,403.00$41,875.04
Kunkel, Robin GResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$78,145.34$0.00
Kojiro, Christopher LResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$73,160.00$45,051.93
Navarro, Julian AlexanderResearch Lab Specialist LeadCtr for History of Medicine$70,967.00$0.00
Alvarado, EugenioResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$70,528.00$41,809.00
Kurochkin, Alexander VResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$69,681.00$34,840.50
Barthel, Linda KResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$69,128.00$20,738.40
Hughes, Elizabeth DaleResearch Lab Specialist LeadBiomedical Research Core Fac.$67,000.00$13,400.00
Zetoune, Firas SamihResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$66,041.42$0.00
Otero-Corchon, VeronicaResearch Lab Specialist LeadMolec - Integrative Physiology$64,890.00$0.00
Brinkmeier, Michelle LResearch Lab Specialist LeadHuman Genetics Department$64,138.88$0.00
Dagenais, Susan LResearch Lab Specialist LeadBiomedical Research Core Fac.$63,654.00$0.00
Giannola, Diane MResearch Lab Specialist LeadUniv of Mich Cancer Center$63,654.00$0.00
Kandarpa, MalathiResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Hematology/Oncology$63,550.00$0.00
Thomas, Penelope SusanResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Bio - Materials Science$62,320.00$0.00
Granger, Jill IResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Hematology/Oncology$61,800.00$0.00
Leroueil, Pascale RaymondeResearch Lab Specialist LeadMI Nanotechnology Institute$61,418.90$0.00
Subramanian, VivekanandanResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$61,300.00$21,455.00
Chung, Fu-zonResearch Lab Specialist LeadPathology Department$60,711.00$0.00
Hambrecht-Wiedbusch, Viviane SusanneResearch Lab Specialist LeadAnesthesiology Department$60,000.00$0.00
Tabouillot, TristanResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Chemistry$60,000.00$0.00
Deslauriers, Ann Marie RResearch Lab Specialist LeadInt Med-Pulm./Critical Care$59,954.11$0.00
Zong, HongResearch Lab Specialist LeadMI Nanotechnology Institute$59,673.00$0.00
Raeker, Maide OResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Cardiology$58,352.86$0.00
Nicholl, GeorginaResearch Lab Specialist LeadPharmacology Department$57,200.00$0.00
Wu, Yi-MiResearch Lab Specialist LeadCtr fr Translational Pathology$57,200.00$0.00
Sorenson, Dorothy RResearch Lab Specialist LeadCell and Developmental Biology$56,788.48$0.00
Keller, Paul RResearch Lab Specialist LeadDepartment of Radiology$56,650.00$0.00
Vega-Warner, VirginiaResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Nephrology$56,077.87$0.00
Makarova, Olga EResearch Lab Specialist LeadMicrobiology and Immunology$55,000.00$0.00
Zhang, ZhaochengResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENTCariologyRestor Sci -Endo$54,758.84$0.00
Lusk, Christine MargaretResearch Lab Specialist LeadHuman Genetics Department$54,333.30$0.00
Fontaine, Jean-MarcResearch Lab Specialist LeadPediatrics-Gastroenterology$54,111.38$0.00
Reed, David MResearch Lab Specialist LeadOphthalmology - Visual Science$53,811.92$0.00
Meyers, Kristy AnneResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENTCariologyRestor Sci -Endo$53,796.49$0.00
Pietropaolo, SusanResearch Lab Specialist LeadMetabolism Endo - Diabetes$53,543.62$0.00
Syu, Li-JyunResearch Lab Specialist LeadDermatology Department$52,567.08$0.00
Thomas, Peedikayil EResearch Lab Specialist LeadHuman Genetics Department$51,203.88$5,120.39
Popelkova, HanaResearch Lab Specialist LeadLSA Molec./Cell./Develop. Bio$51,047.00$0.00
D'Souza, Jennifer ChangResearch Lab Specialist LeadInstitute of Gerontology$50,753.46$0.00
Ermilov, Alexandre NikolayevichResearch Lab Specialist LeadDermatology Department$46,477.72$0.00

Lists of recent searches of
, Admin Manager Inter Healthcare %Museum%Art%
Blackwell, Sean Training Manager Flint University Outreach
Adams, Fred M Research Lab Specialist Lead Ctr for Res on Learn - Teach
Dede, Bonnie A Instructional learning UMH Urology Clinic - Tech
Karle, David M Instructor Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs
Oljace, Gail Supply chain VP for Government Relations
Blackwell, Anthony Pharmacy Technician Senior CW Adult BMT - Leukemia Clinic
Adams, Donald Exec Secretary to Top Exec PHARMACY Pharmaceutical Sci
Blackman, Wendy Whitfield Infection Control Director lsa II%
Adams, Danyell K l% UMH BMT Inpt NP/PA Cancer Ctr
Blackburn, Michael L IT LSA UG: Curriculum Support