Number of people in Naval Arch - Marine Dept Department: 60
Maximum Salary$ 380,875.00
Average Salary$ 111,703.92
Minimum Salary$ 39,999.96

Department Results for Naval Arch - Marine Dept 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Winter, Donald CADJUNCT CLINICAL PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$380,875.00$76,175.00
Ceccio, Steven LProfessorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$235,100.00$28,212.00
Troesch, Armin WPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$222,939.00$93,857.32
Gose, James WarrenLEO Intermittent LecturerNaval Arch - Marine Dept$214,760.00$0.00
Sun, JingPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$213,000.00$74,550.00
Sun, JingCHAIRNaval Arch - Marine Dept$213,000.00$106,500.00
Bernitsas, Michael MPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$202,310.00$202,310.00
Dong, PingshaPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$193,602.00$154,881.60
McCoy, Timothy JCLINICAL PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$185,000.00$111,017.76
Vlahopoulos, NickolasPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$169,542.00$135,633.60
Eustice, Ryan MPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$163,538.00$0.00
Filip, Grzegorz PiotrLEO Adjunct LecturerNaval Arch - Marine Dept$158,715.90$0.00
Young, Yin LuPROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$155,138.00$147,381.10
Karr, Dale GASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$146,359.00$146,359.00
Singer, David JacobASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$141,700.00$113,360.00
Johnson-Roberson, Matthew KaiASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$137,500.00$34,375.00
Provost, DamenEngineer in Research LeadNaval Arch - Marine Dept$130,391.00$0.00
Nwogu, OkeyASSOC RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$129,309.00$0.00
Collette, Matthew DavidASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$126,500.00$103,666.75
Maki, Kevin JohnASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$126,500.00$94,875.00
Bauer, RichardStrategic Planning ManagerNaval Arch - Marine Dept$125,000.00$125,000.00
Cook, Jeffrey ArthurLEO Lecturer INaval Arch - Marine Dept$120,000.00$0.00
Filip, Grzegorz PiotrASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$119,900.00$8,188.93
Perakis, Anastassios NASSOC PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$114,530.00$114,530.00
Kisabeth, LisaBusiness Administrator SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$103,000.00$103,000.00
Gose, James WarrenASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$101,970.00$30,591.00
Ghaffari Jadidi, MaaniASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$100,000.00$52,500.00
Pan, YulinASST PROFESSORNaval Arch - Marine Dept$100,000.00$100,000.00
Alford, Laura KayLEO Lecturer IIINaval Arch - Marine Dept$95,221.15$95,221.15
Goumas, NicholasEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$88,400.00$0.00
Flick, AlexanderElectrical Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$86,000.00$86,000.00
Du, XiaoxiaoEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$85,000.00$0.00
Hull, TimothySoftware Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$85,000.00$0.00
Song, ShaopinASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$83,345.00$34,171.45
Turner, CoreyResearch Process ManagerNaval Arch - Marine Dept$83,155.00$4,157.75
Liu, FengchaoASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$81,000.00$22,356.00
Le, TrinhSoftware Engineer SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$80,000.00$0.00
Barto, CharlesEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$79,182.00$0.00
Ganesh, HarishASST RES SCIENTISTNaval Arch - Marine Dept$77,063.00$0.00
Bundoff, JasonEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$76,000.00$76,000.00
Pei, XianjunRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$75,000.00$15,000.00
Conklin, Kimberly KeiferResearch Process ManagerNaval Arch - Marine Dept$72,671.00$72,671.00
Bu, FanEngineer in Research SeniorNaval Arch - Marine Dept$72,100.00$0.00
Lee, Sung-MinResearch Area Specialist InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$68,716.00$2,061.48
Noone, Warren JStudent Admin Asst SrNaval Arch - Marine Dept$68,297.00$68,297.00
Kne, Sallie MadonnaExecutive SecretaryNaval Arch - Marine Dept$67,161.00$67,161.00
Frawley-Panyard, Nicole YvonneMktg Communications SpecialistNaval Arch - Marine Dept$65,935.00$65,935.00
Guglielmo, DavidEngineer in Research InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$62,000.00$62,000.00
Fiveland, NathalieStudent Admin Asst SrNaval Arch - Marine Dept$61,383.00$61,383.00
Kim, Choong HeeEngineer in Research InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$60,000.00$0.00
Barbalata, CorinaRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$56,650.00$0.00
Chang, DongsikRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$55,000.00$27,500.00
Amini, MohammadrezaRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$54,000.00$0.00
Wild, NicholasEngineering TechnicianNaval Arch - Marine Dept$52,917.00$26,458.50
Song, ZiyouRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$50,000.00$0.00
Graham, Matthew ThomasRESEARCH FELLOWNaval Arch - Marine Dept$49,000.00$0.00
Zhang, RuiEngineer in Research AssociateNaval Arch - Marine Dept$47,499.92$0.00
Cheesman, Nicole AutumnAdministrative Assistant SrNaval Arch - Marine Dept$47,265.00$47,265.00
Vaquera, MelissaAdministrative Assistant SrNaval Arch - Marine Dept$47,095.00$47,095.00
Papandreou-Webber, AnastasiaAdministrative Assistant InterNaval Arch - Marine Dept$39,999.96$40,000.00

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