Number of people in DENT Bio - Materials Science Department: 53
Maximum Salary$ 287,000.00
Average Salary$ 85,025.19
Minimum Salary$ 28,338.69

Department Results for DENT Bio - Materials Science 2018-19
NameTitleDepartment FTR (Salary)GF (Amount from General Fund)
Hu, Jan Ching ChunPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$287,000.00$178,614.45
Mistretta, Charlotte MPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$255,130.11$207,729.49
Ma, Peter XPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$203,688.60$76,081.77
Kohn, David HPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$203,625.03$38,961.61
Bradley, Robert MPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$200,457.29$200,457.29
Kaartinen, Vesa MPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$174,442.57$170,953.72
Mishina, YujiPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$160,836.38$102,935.28
Fenno, J ChristopherPROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$142,307.88$103,173.21
Geng, Jian-GuoASSOC PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$139,903.15$132,907.99
Conrad, MutsumiAssociate DirectorDENT Bio - Materials Science$128,750.00$128,750.00
Pierchala, Brian AnthonyASSOC PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$126,403.00$56,881.35
Gerstner, Geoffrey EASSOC PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$123,980.21$110,342.39
Kuroda, KenichiASSOC PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$122,000.00$122,000.00
Li, PengASST PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$112,750.00$28,187.50
Lombaert, Isabelle MAASST PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$111,500.00$75,262.50
Garcia Hammaker, Sabrina SamirethCLINICAL ASST PROFDENT Bio - Materials Science$100,000.00$100,000.00
Clendenin, Joel ThomasBusiness Administrator InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$95,323.81$95,323.81
Sierraalta Aranguren, Andres IgnacioADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURERDENT Bio - Materials Science$78,191.37$31,276.55
Alrousan, KaramADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURERDENT Bio - Materials Science$76,321.50$15,264.30
Keedy, Deborah KAdministrative SpecialistDENT Bio - Materials Science$73,482.32$58,785.86
Hu, YuanyuanResearch Lab Specialist LeadDENT Bio - Materials Science$64,909.90$0.00
Dill, Andrew NelsonADJUNCT CLIN ASST PROFESSORDENT Bio - Materials Science$63,240.00$0.00
Mandair, Gurjit SinghResearch Area Specialist InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$59,301.91$0.00
Ma, LiResearch Lab Specialist InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$59,113.78$0.00
Zhang, HonghaoRESEARCH INVESTIGATORDENT Bio - Materials Science$56,457.00$0.00
McIntosh, Lisa MAllied Health Intermediate SupDENT Bio - Materials Science$56,404.38$0.00
Faria Moura, GuilhermeADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURERDENT Bio - Materials Science$55,000.00$0.00
Li, LiboResearch Lab Specialist InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$53,271.42$0.00
Kumari, ArchanaRESEARCH INVESTIGATORDENT Bio - Materials Science$52,000.00$0.00
Boyd, KerryAdministrative Assistant SrDENT Bio - Materials Science$51,185.45$30,711.29
Jassar, HassanRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$50,000.00$0.00
Godovikova, ValentinaResearch Lab Specialist InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$49,661.25$0.00
Shadrach, JenniferRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$49,500.00$0.00
Liang, TianRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$43,650.00
Omi, MaikoRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$0.00
Saraithong, PrakaimukRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$0.00
Sato, HajimeRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$0.00
Xiu, KemaoRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$0.00
Yang, JingwenRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$6,916.10
Zhang, HongRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$48,500.00$6,615.40
Bhat, RajaniRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$47,500.00$0.00
Tang, TaoRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$47,500.00$0.00
Choi, Han KyoungRESEARCH FELLOWDENT Bio - Materials Science$47,484.00$0.00
Semmens, ErinAdministrative Assistant InterDENT Bio - Materials Science$45,135.91$27,081.60
Arinze, IfeyinwaClinical Subjects CoordinatorDENT Bio - Materials Science$44,075.10$0.00
Pan, HaichunResearch Laboratory Tech SrDENT Bio - Materials Science$44,000.06$0.00
Goetting-Minesky, MaryResearch Lab Specialist AssocDENT Bio - Materials Science$41,820.00$0.00
Zhang, ChuhuaResearch Lab Technician LeadDENT Bio - Materials Science$41,819.92$0.00
Murphy III, GeorgeResearch Laboratory Tech SrDENT Bio - Materials Science$38,998.38$0.00
Cornett, AshleyResearch Laboratory Tech SrDENT Bio - Materials Science$37,051.32$0.00
Kaminski, CatherineResearch Lab Tech IntermediateDENT Bio - Materials Science$33,973.42$0.00
Mann, JeffreyResearch Laboratory Tech SrDENT Bio - Materials Science$32,999.98$0.00
Hill, Emily JaneResearch Laboratory Tech AssocDENT Bio - Materials Science$28,338.69$28,338.75

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